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TGSC is a community of players who make up multiple games. Currently TGSC exists in World of Tanks, World of Warships, DayZ and Star Trek Online. TGSC is always willing to open and expand into new games. Game leaders run their game almost completely autonomously. They needed a website and graphics that supply's info to connect to games and support while also chat.


The solution was to build TGSC a responsive website that has all the info they needed to supply to the gamers around the world. While making it fit their style and attitudes. So we started building a concept they would love with graphics and the links to the info they wanted to get out to all the players around the world. By the time we had it done we had hit all there ideas and goals to make a complete website and graphic design.


TGSC had the numbers to confirm the website is a successful generation stream and contribute to their acceleration. As a result, they are now working on scaling this solution to serve gamers better.

TGSC Website and Graphic Design

Client Name
: Bootstrap Design Services
Start Date
: Jul 01, 2022
End Date
: Jun 25, 2022
: Completed
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